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Dini's surface
Dini's surface ,description.

Enneper's surface
Enneper's surface ,description.

Threefoil knot
Threefoil knot ,description.

Klein Bottle
Klein Bottle ,description.

Dupin's  Cyclide
Dupin Cyclide ,description.

Steiner's Roman Surface
Steiner's Roman Surface ,description.

Boy's Surface
Boy's Surface ,description.

Kuen's Surface
Kuen's Surface ,description.

Hunt's Surface
Hunt's Surface ,description.

Kummer's Surface
Kummer's Surface ,description.

Moebius       band
Moebius band ,description.
Cross Cap
The Crosscap ,description.
A Seashell , description.
Tanglecube , description .
Fig. 8 Klein, description.
Heartsurface, description.
Cayley Cubic
Cayley , description .
Clebsch Cubic
Clebsch, description.
Weirdsurface, description.
Barth Sextic
Barth Sextic, description.
Barth Decic
Barth Decic, description.
Steiner Relative
Steiner'ish , description.
Steiner Relative
Steiner'ish , description.
Costa Minimal
Costa , description.
Swallowtail , description.
Bohemian Dome
Bohemian Dome , description.
Chair , description.
Dervish , description.
Astroiodal Ellipsoid
Astroidal , description.

Here is a collection of parametric and implicit equations.
If you feel slightly confused, here's a few notes on surfaces. Send me more surfaces! Last updated 13 September 1997
An example of how to do parametric surfaces in Povray can be downloaded here.
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