Adam Coffman ( for info on surfaces related to Steiner's.
Alfred Gray's Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces has been a well used and copied source.
I have also used the CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces by von Seggern.
The Boy and Klein polynomial was in Ian Stewart's Game, Set and Math . The basic knot algorithm was somewhere on
The Hunt surface was in the vort source I think.
Stephan Endrass was the source of Barth Surfaces. Homepage of Stephan Endrass

You may want to look at A Parade of Surfaces
The Costa Minimal surface started out as a parametrization by Gray. I then used Mathematica and Abramowitz and Stegun Handbook of Mathematical Functions to find an ad hoc simple parametrization.
I have found a reference to the tanglecube. It was on the homepage of Thomas Banchoff who attributes it to Friedrich Hirzebruch. (Look in "worlds best homework")
If I have missed a credit or a link, please let me know.